Laser Cutting

laser cutting

K&W Tool and Machine has extensive experience in laser cutting technology. Our master sheet Mitsubishi Laser 6030XL puts us at the top of the industry in cutting capability, quality and precision standards. Whether small production / prototype jobs or grand scale processing, K&W Tool and Machine offers competitive service and expertise performance to its customers.

In the manufacturing industry, the bottom line relies on high productivity and quality performance.
M.C. Machinery

K&W Tool and Machine showcases one of the largest Laser Cutting machines in the Midwest. Our Mitsubishi Laser 6030XL has a cutting area of 120” x 240”. This top of the line cutting machine achieves both quality and production through its large scale capabilities. The flying optic design allows diverse applications at high speeds, while maintaining tighter tolerances than any other Laser this size.


Steel — up to 1.0″
Stainless — up to .75″
Aluminum — up to .375″

K&W Tool’s skilled employees, large capacity equipment and specialty departments allow us to meticulously manage any job as work travels through our facility, from cutting, designing, machining, bending, welding, and assembling, including delivery to our customer’s door.

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